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Album Reviews of "Don't Fight Your Demons"

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Arrested Development drops a new record today, titled “Don’t Fight Your Demons”

The Conscious Hip Hop Band’s newest record is a sorely needed record for 2020, and drops square into the center of a society ripped apart by denied justice for victims of Police violence and systemic racism

Today, September 25, 2020 is a huge day in hip hop. More than a half a dozen hiphop records drop today, including Public Enemy’s new recordWhat you Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down. I’m sure I will listen to and enjoy many of them, especially the PE record. But one brand new, just released record which I think deserves your attention is the new one from conscious hip hop bandArrested Development, calledDon’t Fight Your Demons. Read the full review from The New Haberdasher


Coming at a critical time in American history – when there is a looming heath crisis, civil unrest, and overt racism is rearing its very ugly head –Don’t Fight Your Demonsis contextually quite heavy. Brought to you by Speech, along with his longtime supporting cast, the album features production/engineering from British Producer Configa, who is known for his authentic Hip Hop beats. Together offering 16 full, solid tracks of music, the conceptual backstory behind the album follows a prisoner called Anthony; a character featured in Speech’s16 Barsdocumentary which shines a light on the messy criminal justice system. Read the full review on Cryptic Rock

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