One of the great joys of music – other than enjoying it or creating it yourself – is introducing someone else to a sound you love. Whether it is a friend, a lover, or a completely new generation of listener. But how do you introduce someone to the work of a band that has been around for 20 years? Do you give them their first album? Their latest one? Your personal best-of? If only there was something like a collection of the essentials …

Heavy on the 1992, 2-times Grammy-winning debut album, the hip hop seminal “3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of…”,”The Essentials” gives you a taste of what Arrested Development has done over the past two decades, right up to the 20th Anniversary album “Standing At The Crossroads”. 21 years, 17 tracks, 14 songs from 6 of AD’s 7 studio albums, one special remix of “Everyday People”, one of the band’s signature tunes. That certainly is enough to give you an overview, to wake your appetite if you are a new listener or to show you some of what you have missed if you are an old fan who has not followed the band for the entire 20 years. And, if you’re counting, that still leaves two more tracks. A very special treat, even for someone like me, who has collected the entire AD catalogue – the “Intro” and the actual song “Revolution” from the soundtrack of the 1992 Spike Lee & Denzel Washington movie Malcolm X. It stood side by side with tunes by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Coltrane, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin, but it was never part of an AD studio album. I guess that is why they call this collection “The Essentials”.

Whether you call it conscious hip hop, Southern fried funk, or simply great music, this collection will show you why Arrested Development has managed to keep fans for 20 years, who literally grew up with the AD sound, and also to always attract new, younger listeners.

People Everyday

See I was resting at the park minding my own/ business as I kick up the treble tone/on my radio tape player box, right/
just loud enough so folks could hear it’s hype, see?/Outta nowhere comes the woman I’m dating/
investigation maybe she was demonstrating/But nevertheless I was pleased/My day was going great and my soul was at ease/ 
until a group of brothers started bugging out/drinking the 40 oz, going the nigga route/ Disrespecting my black queen/
holding their crotches and being obscene/ At first I ignored them cause see I know their type/
They got drunk and got guns and they wanna fight/ and they see a young couple having a time that’s good/
and their egos wanna test a brother’s manhood/ So they came to test Speech cause of my hair-do/and the loud bright colors that I wear [Boo!]/ was a target cause I’m a fashion misfit/ and the outfit that I’m wearing brothers dissing it/ Well I stay calm and pray the niggaz leave me be/but they’re squeezing parts of my date’s anatomy/ Why, Lord, do brothers have to drill me?/Cause if I start to hit this man they’ll have to kill me

I am everyday people

I told the niggaz please let us pass, friend/ I said please cause I don’t like killing Africans/ but he wouldn’t stop and I ain’t Ice Cube/
but I had to take the brother out for being rude/and like I said before I was mad by then/It took three or four cops to pull me off of him/
But that’s the story y’all of a black man/ acting like a nigga and get stomped by an African

I am everyday people

Since the Last Time

It’s been ten years since we blessed stages together/we covered bases together/ and whether we all agreed/
or not 20/20 vision is hindsight/and now we got that/so we done got back/Some of our soldiers have fallen so many years of toiling touring/
tears falling naw pouring/jaded from the industries jabs/a lil slower like Muhammad Ali but still we able to last/so we go in the studio/
it felt new but yet in/a good way it felt old routines we did came back/so lucid we was boosted we juiced it/and came up with some tracks that’s stupid/and people responded to em,/heads on the blocks wit locks and baggie jeans/the whole scene was fond to em/
and how we got the labels kissin’ our hind parts/we desired art/and never sold out for the high chart/positions

Since the last time…

Many rap groups attempt to latch to/ the popular cultures statutes/ and thus they detach their roots from the soil that kept them loose/
and made what they delivered so true/There’s a desert waste land of past artists that’s so cruel/feeling thrown out like woody in toy story two/ and yo we felt that/but let me tell you Satan he delt that/I think it’s time to give him his deck back.


Lord I’ve really been real stressed/Down and out, losin ground/Although I am black and proud/ Problems got me pessimistic/
Brothers and sisters keep messin up/Why does it have to be so damn tuff?/I don’t know where I can go/To let these ghosts out of my skull/
My grandma past, my brother’s gone/I never at once felt so alone/I know you’re supposed to be my steering wheel/
Not just my spare tire (home)/But lord I ask you (home)/To be my guiding force and truth (home)/For some strange reason it had to be (home)/ He guided me to Tennessee (home)

Take me to another place/Take me to another land/Make me forget all that hurts me/Let me understand your plan/

Lord it’s obvious we got a relationship/Talkin to each other every night and day/Although you’re superior over me/
We talk to each other in a friendship way/Then outta nowhere you tell me to break/Outta the country and into more country/
Past Dyesburg into Ripley/Where the ghost of childhood haunts me

Walk the roads my forefathers walked /Climbed the trees my forefathers hung from/Ask those trees for all their wisdom/
They tell me my ears are so young (home)/Go back to from whence you came (home)/My family tree my family name (home)/
For some strange reason it had to be (home)/He guided me to Tennessee (home)

Take me to another place/Take me to another land/Make me forget all that hurts me/Let me understand your plan/

Now I see the importance of history/Why people be in the mess that they be/Many journeys to freedom made in vain/
By brothers on the corner playin ghetto games/I ask you lord why you enlightened me/Without the enlightenment of all my folks/
He said cuz I set myself on a quest for truth/And he was there to quench my thirst/But I am still thirsty…/
The lord allowed me to drink some more/He said what I am searching for are/The answers to all which are in front of me/
The ultimate truth started to get blurry/For some strange reason it had to be/It was all a dream about Tennessee

Take me to another place/Take me to another land/Make me forget all that hurts me/Let me understand your plan/


Brothers and sisters/let me share with you some news/As I sit on my plush couch/watching the news/
There’s been a rude awakening/That I have watched Until my feet have bled/And I have rioted until/They called the feds/
What’s left My conscience said/What’s left My conscience said/

As I look out my window I see the little ones/ Playing amongst each other with their water guns/In pure poverty/Generations of good people/ In cycles of poverty/ It bothers me, so I ask myself/I said, are you doing as much/As you can for their struggle (no)/
Am I doing as much as I can for their struggle (no)/Then why do I cry when my people are in trouble (yo)/My ancestors slapped me In the face and said (go)/Harriet Tubman told me to get on up/Marcus Garvey said to me Bro, you get on up/My brother Malcolm X/Need I name more/
It ain’t like we never seen blood before/

Come on, let’s talk Revolution, now (revolution)/All my people say (revolution)/All my brothers say (revolution)/All my sisters say (revolution)/
All my people say (revolution)/Hey (revolution)/All my people say (revolution)/All my people say (revolution)

I see blood on one/Malcolm as one shot em/I see tears cause now it/Seems that we forgot him/I seen years of people/
Searching for solutions/Restitution, excuses/No more confusion/Come on, come on/Let’s talk right, let’s talk right/Talk up, talk up, but/
Don’t talk up all night/There’s got to be action/If you want satisfaction/If not for yourself for the young ones (The children)/
The U.N., The U.S./We can’t allow you/To tell us a kid in the ghetto Is not as important as a kid in Bosnia/I ain’t with it (uh huh)/
Just forget it (no)/You can’t even debate it/If you don’t understand/Our situation (come on)/You don’t want us to go/get a gun now, do you/
You don’t like to see/People running around now/Yet and still you wanna/Live like 90210/While we scream out/(Yo) freedom/
Five grandmothers ago/They erased it/We must acquire a taste for/Something we’ve never tasted/So, people, let us/Wet our palates (word)/
It’s either the bullet or the ballot/Come now (whoo)

Revolution now (revolution)/All my people say (revolution)/All my brothers say (revolution)/All my sisters say (revolution)/Hey (revolution)/
All my people say (revolution)/Let’s talk about a Revolution/All my people say (revolution)/All my people say/Let’s talk about a revolution/
Hey (revolution)/(Revolution) (revolution)/(Revolution) (revolution)……

Now see I understand/What my people have said/They tell me to fight fight for the ancestors/who are dead/for Harriet Tubman/
Move organization/David Walker/The Black Panthers/Kwame Nkumah/Marcus Garvey, Jane Pittman/Revolution

Mama's Always on stage

Brand new mama, I understand/It’s hard as hell being a young mother and/you need support your conscious told you not to abort/
so to your child you’re a hero of some sort/But, hey, the worst is over/You’re ready to do this/I got faith and your baby renewed this/
faith that everything will be fine/Now an adult, no more youth time/ [Anytime you need help sister]/We’ll be there just give us a ring/
We will help you raise that king/Word to the mother cause it’s a black thing/I respect you in a strong way/
Super late nights cause your baby slept all day/but mama don’t sleep, your life’s a turning page/

Mama’s always on stage (4x)

Hey, let me guess, you’re bored/Wanna get loose, attack the dance floor/Cool, I’ll hold her, you have a good time/
I’ll keep your baby awake so baby sleeps after nine/This is reality, we need to turn our minds/
Brothers talking revolution but leave their babies behind/Well sister, he’s a sucker, just leave ’em be/
The revolution is now up to brothers like me/ to step in cause your man stepped out/ [The goal:] To raise these children, no doubt/
so let’s go to it and possibly/bring a generation of nat’s in the future, see/I respect you in a strong way/Super late nights cause your baby slept all day/But mama don’t sleep, your life’s a turning page/Mama’s always on stage/Keep up your strength now cause we must grow somehow/

Mama’s always on stage (4x)
Can’t be a revolution without women/Can’t be a revolution without children/

I improved throughout my life/all of this just to soothe a wife/brothers wear your black clothes/talk your 5% talk/
Words of wisdom should be ways of wisdom/That’s exactly how you must walk/Life’s too short, your mission’s too dire/
Nurture another mind before yours expires/Pass it on, push it along/Like the brother said it in that one song/We respect you all the way/
Late, late nights cause your baby slept all day/but mama’s got to stay strong, carry it on/Hey, mama’s on stage

Mama’s always on stage


My skin could never be no curse no it can’t/I wear it like a prom tuxedo/I wear my hair as if it’s the sun and…/
Each & every dread is a powerful light ray/I never wanted things to be I reverse cuz…/God makes waves for wise travelers so/My views of this world are ever growing/Thus ever growing is the way one must view me/A soul of conviction unjustly convicted/
Happy TV, commercials and Bi-racial shows/The smell of reality still burns my nose/Not content until it smells like a rose/Whether it/
S in style to keep the fight/I tread these waters and make my waves yes I do!/And I will fight until my dying day/
And even after that my ghost resides with pride!/Forward ever backward never/Day by day thought trials I trod/Always triumphant never fail/ We’ve come too far to turn back now/I won’t turn back I move/My blood is thicker than the waters of any flood/
Here I am facing the almighty herself/If she approves then I am saved/Clear of trouble is the path I pave/For generations to walk & run/ Whether it’s in style to keep the fight/I tread the waters and make waves GOD knows/And I will fight until my dying day/
And even after that my ghost resides with pride!

Mr. Wendel

Here, have a dollar,/in fact no brotherman here, have two/Two dollars means a snack for me,/but it means a big deal to you/
Be strong, serve God only,/know that if you do, beautiful heaven awaits/That’s the poem I wrote for the first time/
I saw a man with no clothes, no money, no plate/Mr.Wendal, that’s his name,/no one ever knew his name cause he’s a no-one/
Never thought twice about spending on a ol’ bum,/until I had the chance to really get to know one/
Now that I know him, to give him money isn’t charity/He gives me some knowledge, I buy him some shoes/
And to think blacks spend all that money on big colleges,/still most of y’all come out confused/

Go ahead, Mr.Wendal

Mr.Wendal has freedom,/a free that you and I think is dumb/Free to be without the worries of a quick to diss society/
for Mr.Wendal’s a bum/His only worries are sickness/and an occasional harassment by the police and their chase/
Uncivilized we call him,/but I just saw him eat off the food we waste/Civilization, are we really civilized, yes or no?/Who are we to judge?/ When thousands of innocent men could be brutally enslaved/ and killed over a racist grudge/Mr.Wendal has tried to warn us about our ways/ but we don’t hear him talk/Is it his fault when we’ve gone too far,/and we got too far, cause on him we walk/
Mr.Wendal, a man, a human in flesh,/but not by law/I feed you dignity to stand with pride,/realize that all in all you stand tall

Honeymoon Day

Yeah yeah woo woo/It’s ya charming one/Ranked at number one/The one you know to go to/When you need some lovin’ to come (rrah )/
And even tho I’m just/A hop & a skip and a jump/Away baby sometimes/We role play the funk (uh)/ yo secret thing/ like a one night fling/ that just happened to be married/to you and gave you a ring/ so no… guilt just pleasure/ so much dat it’s known to tilt the measure/ yo touch has been known to ease my pressure/ oh my God/ it’s so incredible/ the way he shaped your/bod/ingenious/mixing soft wit hard/little sweet little heat/spicy hot/gotta a lot a seeds/wanna put in yo sod/I can’t see your face/If ya feel me just knod/Girl yous da picket fence house and the yard/da picket fence house and the yard/ hu huhhh/Girl just take off yo socks/Let me lick on yo feet/I’ll rub yo body & watch you/roll yo eyes to the ceiling/Won’t you lay on down/Let my face be yo linen/C’mon and sho me yo ways/This is our honeymoon day/We’ve been waiting for this day/Let’s just free our bodies like the last day of living/girl we can be real naughty/there’s no need for forgiving/Won’t ya dance for me/Let my face be your mirror/C’mon and sho me yo ways/This is our honeymoon day/ We’ve been waiting for this day/Check it out/I told yo/Mama don’t wait up/Don’t check up on us/Don’t call we handled it all/I’m ready to bust/& I’m really hoping yo daughter can handle my lust/you done had yo chance/now that land is handed to us/pop’s knows how it goes/shoot any man does/fine daughter like his/can’t afford to miss love/& I’m a give it to her/sho nuff without a flub/give it her like a fat man giving himself grub/You think we waited for nothing/my bloods pumping/needs go to where it’s needed the most/relieve something shoot/certain parts of me resemble a mule/stiff and stubborn it’s like I’m/Rosa Parks on the stool (rrrgh)/We going all out hittin’ the balls out/Coming deep from the soul Like a Lou Rawls shout/People next door screamin who let the dogs out/Man it’s our honeymoon we here to knock the walls out/Girl just/take off yo socks/Let me lick on yo feet/I’ll rub yo body & watch you/ roll yo eyes to the ceiling/Won’t you lay on down/Let my face be yo linen/C’mon and sho me yo ways/This is our honeymoon day/We’ve been waiting for this day/Let’s just/free our bodies like the last day of living/girl we can be real naughty/there’s no need for forgiving/Won’t ya dance for me/Let my face be your mirror/C’mon and sho me yo ways/This is our honeymoon day/We’ve been waiting for this day

When I say true you say love/True (love) true (love)/You got a wedding ring (put it up put it up)/You wore ya bling bling (throw it up throw it up)/Oh yeah it’s on baby I’ve waited for this so long/Oh yeah it’s on baby when I hang up the phone I’m gone!/We gonna bail collect that mail let’s go to the hotel and…/Skip the reception girl lets head to the limo/Tinted window hard to find like Nemo/Real Cancun real honeymoon like woo/You can find us on the beach you know/I’m in heaven daily cuz I’m lovin this the physical bliss/Come here baby give me a kiss (Chorus)

Give A Man A Fish

Lately I’ve been in a life like limbo/Looking out of a smudged up window/We’re not sure where our lives are going/Friends, it’s summer outside but yet we’re snowed in/Don’t know where our next dollar’s coming from/Living the life of a poor musician/Headliner’s strong so he keeps his 9 to 5/Cutting brothers’ hair as a means of staying alive/If it wasn’t for the rhythm I think we would have given up by now/This system has gotten the best of me/Now I pray for God to invest in me/My dignity, invest his glory/Give me the strength so I can finish the story/ Keep on searching for the right way to go out/cuz going out is what it’s all about huh!/You can’t be passive, gotta be active/Can’t go with what looks attractive/Gotta learn all I can while I’m able/Headliner expresses his feeling on those turntables/When we get our chance to make a good living of the music we program/We don’t sell out just to be sold out/Brothers and sisters, do you know what I’m yapping about?/Cuz if they take away our contract we still got talent and we still got contacts/Cause we’ve worked real hard to get this far/We’re catching the bus before we bought the car/Ya see!/Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day/Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever/Got to get political/Political I gotta get/Grown but can’t hold my own/So this government needs to be overthrown/Brothers with their A.K.s and their 9 MMs need to learn how to correctly shoot ’em/ Save those rounds for a revolution/Poor whites and blacks bumrushing the system/But I tell you:/Ain’t no room for gangsters/Cause gangsters do dirty work and get pimped by mobsters/Some fat Italian eating pasta ‘n lobster/Brothers getting jailed and mobsters own the coppers so you say you want out of the ghetto/First the political prisoners must be let go/And you must let go of your power master/Malt liquor got you licked, it’s your powerful master/You’ll never get out without much discipline/Raise your fist but also raise your children/So when you die the movement moves on/Coz with revolution, ain’t no future in fronting y’all/Come again Speech?/Direct your anger, love/Nothing’s ever built on hate, instead love/Love your life, tackle the government/The spooks that break down the door are heaven sent and my phrase went…/Alright!/Rhythm makes you move your body, rhythm makes you move your mind/Rhythm makes your elbows groove, rhythm makes that behind move/Rhythm makes the people move, rhythm makes you want to move/Rhythm makes your mind soothe, next stop is Jerusalem


Bloody/Bloody/Whose hands stayed clean?/Bloody/Tribal Wars & Power fiends/Bloody/Going down a broad road/So many hands are bloody/ From Israel to Palestine/Bloody/So many hands are bloody/Claiming Divine by Koran/So many hands are bloody/In the Democratic Republic of Congo/Hutu extremist dey massacred many souls/Da Tutsi’s died a genocide was full blown/Yet the world dey watched & thus world dey condoned it/That said Biggie and Tupac they both was hittin then/Source said that Lyricism was in again,/and no more consciousness/Blinging it blinging it now people about dat blinging it/World massacres happen no one rappin’ or singing it/It’s a party!/Corporations & rappers now getting along!/It’s a party!/We are distracted with girls wearing thongs!/It’s a party!/No more Public Enemy Or remedies,/It’s A Party with the oppressed & the oppressors all friendly!/Bloody/Whose hands stayed clean?/Bloody/Tribal Wars & Power fiends/Bloody/We Going down a broad road/So many hands are bloody/From Israel to Palestine/Bloody/So many hands are bloody/Claiming Divine by Koran/So many hands are bloody/Live by the sword die by the sword is the theme/Tupac was shot to death & Biggie next/a Money scheme/For the corporate entities with the rights to publishing/For all the hit songs bout bling & violence as the theme/Now both are legendary and revered as kings/ While Diamonds from Africa supply rappers with chains & rings/The game they call it and what an appropriate thing/When ghetto’s are worth 50 cent & no self esteem/A waste of days a phase a craze/We waste away decay – bloody/Bloody/Whose hands stayed clean?/Bloody Tribal Wars & Power fiends/Bloody/Going down a broad road/So many hands are bloody/From Israel to Palestine/Bloody/So many hands are bloody/ Claiming Divine by Koran/So many hands are bloody/If Violence is the measure of how real a MC/Then streams of blood from victims mean nothing/We are in the final days so wash your hands of this greed/Don’t claim no revolution when your hands are bloody/While terrorist dey claim that they’re divine in their creed/While counterterrorist claim Iraq in God’s Speed/Can’t build God’s Temple when your hands are dirty/You may say you are godly but your lying through your teeth

Raining revolution

This is Headliner from Arrested Development, and I come here tonight to give thanks to the rain, so brothers and sisters please put down your umbrellas, you won’t be needing those today… Look to the clouds with the most rain coming from it, for without the rain there’s no me and there’s no you… I said a drip-drop, a drip-drop, drip-drop viva bum bum bum drip-drop …

Let it rain, let it rain, let God’s water feed me/The water of life, mentally rinsing me, physically/drenching me/Most are frowning upon your arrival but I need you for survival/And when you fall on my community/I run outside to properly greet you/Let it rain, take my pain, I’m glad to meet you/Fill my eyes with a colorful rainbow/Every drop hits me, fills me/with an unmeasurable amount of security/knowing my God acknowledges me/as if each drop of rain is aimed toward me/my Lord: Thanks for life [Thanks for my rain]/my Lord: Thanks for life [Thanks for my rain]

It’s raining revolution/It’s raining solutions/It’s raining revolution (7x)

I struttle strut thru the ghetto/The rain this time I feel is mental/The goal of this rain I feel is spiritual/Saw thru the eyes of the inflicted people/ Their eyes are hard as a million tombstones/marked with the names of the millions of kin thrown/to the dust that gave them their colored skin/ Fade to black is the scene they’re embalmed in/The rain many nights have witnessed her/Receiving the sperm of a brother into a sister/and blessed that life to guaranteed existence/A conscious baby for a black resistance/I feel the rain enhances the revolution/and reminds us of a spiritual solution/and reminds us of an unnatural supernatural solu-lu-lu-lution

It’s raining revolution/It’s raining solutions/It’s raining revolution (7x)

Lost between reality and psychology/1990’s mentality is described/ by the honorable truth message which is ‘True/Knowledge Is So Priceless’/ which is so true…/Rain, rain, stay here! Wow!/Love that power!/Brothers and sisters -haha-/Raise your hands up high and let me see the colors/ of your beautiful skin/Now the ceremony begins/Lord, let the heavenly rains cleanse/Run into your nearest rainbow to grab, hold, to ride on/ Each color, learn it! The importance of each color…/oh yeah/Let it rain (repeats till end) haha yes oh yeah

Dawn of The Dreads

The sun takes a bow for a day well lit/next act is night with an/audience of brothers and sisters/havin’ a celebration of sorts/meeting one another hoping soon to be lovers/sisters have always fascinated me/the many shades the many sizes/and features/such a wide variety of African women/sometimes leaves me/frustrated and speechless/I try not to admire what I can’t obtain or have/things beyond my/reach don’t exist to speech/seeing how I’m a bit shorter than the average/man, I patiently wait/for someone I can reach/many sisters don’t understand my style/I live my life in an outcast tribe/a tribe that strives to see a brighter day/I foresee that I’ll/walk with closed eyes… until dawn/Dawn of the dreads/Rejection is a fear of mine, for one reason or another/but I still asked for a date with this woman/she said no, I said oh I forgot there’s a gap/between the richer and the poorer po/slowly all the shades sizes and features became/less different and more the same/except a certain female with all new features/but I knew not her name/by this time the sun was preparing/for another appearance the sky was pure red/the night grabbed the moon and soon the darkness/was almost dead/the sky now is orange and the night has left the/stage/the curtains open wide and and the bright new sun/yawns/to signify a glorious bright new day/the glorious day that I would meet, dawn/the natural dread also of an outcast tribe/knowledgeable enough/to understand my style/and as we kiss in the name of rejection/the sky looks at us and warmly smiles/ dawn of the dreads/the dreads symbolize the natural growth of not just/the hair/but also of the mind/and also the bond that keeps us in love/ the struggle enhances that/bond throughout time/when I see her I see life/the vast scope of life in her eyes of no wrong/Faith plays a big ass part, I’m still kinda young/but I feel I could really run with dawn/Dawn of the dreads


We used to dream about changing the world/with a style that was universal/real and commercial/heal and immerse you in the waters/tired of seeing lost black sons and daughters/but in 94 we slipped a notch, no juice over the years/couldn’t piss the pot/hip hop went insane but 10 years later back in the game/c’mon push up the faders cuz we believe in miracles/I believe in Miracles yeah yeah/I believe in you/And Harriet Tubman would tell us… Don’t stop yawl get down,/just rock yawl get down/We’re made of more than this, don’t let em define us,/don’t let em confine us we’re warriors/From the underground railroads we sneaked/through swamps to sit VIP in a restaurant/Hill Side projects get down/ North Shore projects get down/They give us platinum medallions to cover our hearts/Keep us far away from the most powerful parts of us/ Cuz if they keep us looking outside then we won’t/bother looking inside/I’m too old a dude to be scared of flopping we’re/from the old school this is real hip hopping/And we talk about what we see, won’t dumb it down/Cuz I ain’t around dumb company/We smarter than this/And we can come harder than this and do a brag rap/on the next song on the disc/Cuz right now you know you’re all in the midst/of miracles!/I believe in Miracles/yeah yeah I believe in you/B-boy Filipino’s Asians Latinos you feel me as I kick/this stee-lo?/Cyphers round the world got a knife around the neck/of the world/But only demanding respect & girls/What a waste of power-hip hop in the most powerful/hour Like Babel we’re building our tower/BUT we got a chance – while the whole worlds under/our trance/Who’s gonna use it so the folks can advance/Cuz we believe in miracles/I believe, I believe in you take me higher/I believe in Miracles yeah yeah/I believe in you

Let Your Voice Be Heard


each one of my cells it got a baseline/if blind even in brail I would create rhymes/this time I’m gonna excel and not forsake mine/we kinda like some black Einstein’s with a great mind/see I figured out the plan, yea the man own the media/the dictionary’s and encyclopedia/the judges and the courts, referees and the sports/the U.N. aint a friend to people of dark skin/so they send all the warriors and the leaders to the pen/ and the rest to Afghanistan, Africans and Mexicans/an officer you’re questioning/then in peace you’ll be resting in/Better watch your mouth in the south/I’m suggesting’n, for your protection, man


Beautiful people around the world/Stand up for what you believe in/Open up your mouth/Say it loud and proud/Let your voice be heard


They asked me to sign a petition to save black radio/I said let it die hey hey hey – good bye/Death of auto tune and I’m asking hey why?/
Just auto tune? Lets let the whole pimp thang die too/All of that gutter rap I want it to drain dry/VIBE died I celebrated like at a birth/Maybe we’ll take our race to places of some worth/Peoples silence that’s as loud as a bomb can be/reversed/and we usher in a new day/bust it in a new way/used to be like cool J/couldn’t live without my radio but now/I can’t live with my radio/So pow – shot it in the chest/Watched it die on my couch/It had a bullet proof vest/I shot it in the mouth/A revolutionary with a plan to speak it loud/Speech is the name understand what dats about/too black plus too proud/it equals Never sellin’ out/Low and behold, a.d. too cold/For the mail/we will never sell out our soul/see the truth is untold/about population control/and the land that they stole/was full of diamonds and gold/


Beautiful people around the world/Stand up for what you believe in/Open up your mouth/Say it loud and proud/Let your voice be heard

(1 Love)

soldiers are fighting for freedom despite when/the attack on 9-11 was planned inside, man/deceived and we frightened, the goal is achieved/when we believe the lies the enemies are writing/relying on the journalist to enlighten/creating more terrorist, clash of the titans/ love is the thoroughist, I survived Iraq/now I’m back in the booth,/ spitting truth on the track, yea

Ease My Mind

I need some time to ease my mind/Thrusted in a world that I don't know/from my mamas lips between my mamas hips/I'm cuddled by her hands because she understands/it's that bond that keeps the movement movin' on/Life is surrounded with so many insecurities/back stabbin' is like breathing when in poverty/I try to make my sanity, with the insane/God is secondary to most, when they scrap for/money./But, then again money can cause even more death,/when a African becomes a nigger step n fetch n all./I dare say when price is right U can buy us all,/ well not me, cuz I don't truly give a care about you./I'll move in poverty, in wealth but I'll surely move!/Ain't syncopated with your beats or your wack grooves/my break beat is to break away from yo thang/All these things you put on me makes this brother sing.../I need some time to ease my mind./Mind & soul is even more important than body/money can put my body in all exotic spaces/meanwhile my mind & soul remotely dwells/within that fine spot between all messed up & hell./And so I move on with confidence of harmony/And do my thang to resist this wack society/Cuz if yo don't resist, & I mean consciously/you'll fool your sub-conscious into accepting it./I ain't acceptin' it - I keep my focus/I keep my focus - I ain't acceptin' it./Give me a face pencil to draw a smile on me./Answer my prayer to give my Earthly body inner/peace/Answer my prayer to give my Earthly/body inner inner peace./Until that day upon which my souls realeased!/


need some time need some time/when the sista's say it then you know it's gotta be real!

Thrusted in a world that I don't know/from my mommas lips between my mamas hips/I'm cuddled by her hands because she understands/Its that bond that will keep the movement movin' on/It's that bond that will keep the movement movin' on./And so I GOTTA BE READY TO RELINQUISH/gotta be ready to relinquish, my breath of life for struggle./Than is why I tell you... I need some time to eae my mind.



I’m performing for a crowd that be dating me as they jam/and rating me for who I was and not rating for who I am/The last hits that we all had was like 20 years In The past/ to peeps within the U.S. They thinking that was our best./And our success was just a fad, 3 hits bout all we had./ Despite it we don’t mad, and instead we just change the stats./Every show, every CD, making the doubters think again!/Hurricane when we came in. livin’ like Sink or swim./And we swimming since the beginning/but coverage was all on THEM/but we kept stroking our own way not lovers of every trend./So we live stronger/healthier live longer/went against the grain just like people that’s low carbing it!

Chorus 1:

So we doin’ it! Live and direct you feel how true we is!/Eye witnesses to the beauty of life music it’s/Arrested Development. powerful. we influencing/music & revolution/Until we see more solutions/Everybody shake your head – shake out the devil/now!/Lazarus- raising the dead Come out the tombs child!/We’re alive now! LIVING

Chorus 2:

Tasha: Everyday I rise on a mission/please forgive If i mess up/I’m improving Living Living/Honey baby, I’m just human/If the sun shines down on me today/I will try to live in a better way/Please forgive me when I’m dizzy/That’s a part of living.

The more gangstas talk about dying/And crack cocaine & the violence/and stations saturated with it/The more our music be thriving!/People compare and contrast/whatever our beat lacks/is made up by the mere fact/ – We the only other option./Seems like i’m like a alien, 40 plus years and up,/fortified With something real that the present say they don’t want./So The present don’t really get my presence./And all my points. How i think, work, play it & live it, with aching joints./They acting like im dumb, including my only son, he’s 16 acting like that he’s going on 61./Its like As if height – equals might and wisdom,/he smirks like he knows what I’ma say before I’m done./He Just wants to have fun!/ wanna eat, wanna lay,/wanna shop, wanna look a certain way, wanna chill,/you wanna stop that craziness!/Who in this generation is raised up with pure laziness?/Am i further dating us?/I know it! Dey Wanna put in their headphones escape from the world./They wanna get up on dey cell phone and relate with little girls./I can dig it to bout 5 feet 11 inches./But the last inch is where my diggin’ stops I don’t do ditches!/

I won’t put you to death/I brought you life!/Through my sperm and my music – yeah I brought it twice!