Let's really talk about Thug Life...Ok?

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It’s easier to BUILD STRONG children than it is
to REPAIR BROKEN men - Frederick Douglass.

This is my problem with rappers that glorify "street life". This attitude that they could be "hood" and still be true men. Pimps and papas, clean & dirty, dealers and daddy's, hustlers and husbands, ratchet & righteous. Same with women trying to strip & strive, degraded and "empowered", men who are thuggish and thoughtful. And long after these popular rhymers have witnessed the folly of thug life, they continue to glorify and justify it for the sake of continued credibility & record sales.  The glorified "street" life is at best an illusion and at worse a set up that most "OG's" are aware of. Many gangs like the crips were initially created as a force powerful enough to protect local black people from racism, corruption and brutality at the hands of the police. Time passed and in the 1980’s gang members saw their biggest money making opportunity with crack cocaine. Little did they know that the CIA was using them as pawns in a larger scheme by allowing the more affordable drug to come into their neighborhood. Imam Abdul Alim Musa was a major drug dealer in Oakland, California where the revolutionary Black Panther Party had its headquarters, he said, "Drugs and drug lords were used to quell black activist movements that were challenging the racism of that time. Former LAPD detective and author Michael Ruppert has written extensively about the government’s involvement in drug trafficking. Whether prostitution, alien smuggling, human trafficking, identity theft, mortgage fraud or theft, murder, gang-rape, and drive-by shootings....it benefits far less than it deteriorates and most don't come out alive. It's time to expose it for what it is.

I admire people who did just that. For instance, Stanley Williams aka Tookie an early leader in the west side Crips in California after his incarceration released anti-gang and anti-violence literature and children's books. Hours before he was executed by lethal injection at San Quentin State Prison, California he stated, " I would like my legacy to be remembered as: a redemptive transition". That's admirable! 'Foot soldiers' meaning street level salesmen selling drugs don't make much money at all. Let's take for instance, the top 120 men on the Black Gangster Disciple Nation's pyramid who are paid well. But the pyramid they sat on top of was gigantic, so the dream job of being a 'foot soldier' paid a whopping $3.30 an hour! With a l in 4 chance of being killed (more than five times as deadly as being a lumberjack, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the most dangerous job in the United States) foot soldiers often still live with their mommas! If you were to hold a McDonald's organizational chart, basically a pyramid, and the crack gang's organizational chart, the same pyramid, side by side, you could hardly tell the difference! Only the people at the top make "real" money. You owe nothing to the streets! The streets owe you! It owes you the truth about the lives it has swallowed whole. It owes the world the truth about its false power with its neck under the knee of the system. There must be a point when truth seekers cut the umbilical cord of the streets and move forward towards true change and true life! Striving to bring as many that you know from the streets as you can! One MUST make a decision! Choose the hood life or choose the good life. You cannot serve two masters! This whole "thug life" as a rap persona, is played out!!   While activist, government, religious organizations and good Samaritans try and clean up the mess that all of our collective sins have created, there is a time when one should check their (ROI) return on investment! Can we change men and women who DON'T even wanna be changed? Or can we start focusing on the ones who are ready to make a decision and on all the children who are looking for someone to help BUILD THEM UP? ALL of our energies are limited - I say spend wisely. - Speech

#LetsBuild #ChangingTheNarrative #RightDirection #ItsStarTime #GetUp NEW REVOLUTIONARY MUSIC right here at: ADtheBand.com P.S. - this IS NOT a diss to any particular rapper, it's just an observation on the deceptions of rap lyrics and images that gratuitously glorify 'street culture".